Punta Cana Weekend Getaway

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Hey everyone, it’s Otis reporting to you live from the airport. We’re about to board our flight back to AZ, then I have to catch a flight to South Carolina to drop off some paperwork with a Spartanburg workers compensation attorney, so I wanted to hop on real quick and tell you guys about this unforgettable weekend to the Dominican Republic we took over Memorial Day weekend. 

You guys know we live for the weekend and having a good time, and we weren’t thrilled with the idea of doing a standard backyard cookout this year like we do every year at Tony’s place. Jensen suggested we travel to someplace tropical, which is when Jude mentioned he had a cousin who works as a wedding photographer out in Punta Cana. Obviously we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. 

Snorkeling in River Cave

After we settled in to our hotel, the Iberostar Grand Bravaro, we had room service delivered to our suite and just hung out at the pool for the night enjoying paradise. In the morning, we went on an excursion to an underground cave called River Cave as part of a boat tour. 

We were provided with snorkeling equipment so we could get out into the warm water and explore the caves. I’ve never been snorkeling before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but the water was so crystal clear and the fish were brightly covered oranges and blues. They must have been just as curious of us as we were of them, because they would let us swim up very close to them. Here’s a photo of Jensen’s girlfriend, Stacy, up close to what looks like a clown fish:

And here’s some footage of the River Cave Tony got with his drone:

Scape Park Ziplining

After the snorkeling excursion we ordered more room service and went out to a local club. I’ll be honest, I was beat at this point and really looking forward to our ziplining excursion on Sunday. 

So, this was pretty similar to the River Caves we saw in that they were like mountains and you could cliff dive off of them. Scape Park even had a little cove we could jump down into. Throughout the caves were different ziplines to try and each one got higher and higher. 

The highlight of the entire trip though was when a monkey, who I guess lives at the Park, jumped down onto my shoulder while I was waiting to zipline. I wish I had thought to grab the GoPro before we left the hotel that day because that’s a memory I would’ve loved to show you guys. 

Alright they’re boarding our flight now, so I have to sign off, but one of us will be back next week to fill you in on our latest adventure.

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