Revisiting the Saint Pablo Tour

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The guys and I have been jonesing to go back on tour again. No, we aren’t in a band or anything, but we do have fun traveling across the country whenever one of our favorite artists is on tour, so we consider ourselves to be on tour when that happens. Unfortunately, we haven’t been on a tour since Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour back in 2016.

I distinctly remember when Jude told us his dad was willing to fund a six week long tour of our choosing. I had been filing a personal injury claim for a dog bite my neighbor refused to cover and still nursing a twisted ankle from her vicious chihuahua. The guys and I went back and forth for awhile, trying to figure out who we wanted to follow, when Tony suggested Yeezy. 

It was definitely one of the most interesting tours I’ve ever been on, to say the least. I remember seeing Kanye in concert back when I was in middle school and The College Dropout was at the top of the charts. Back then, everyone was seeing Britney Spears, 50 Cent, and N*Sync in concert, but Kanye was relatively new. Who could forget Kanye’s Workout Plan?! That music video is iconic! They just don’t make music videos like they used to. 

But anyways, we decided we’d tour with Kanye for a couple of weeks starting in New York City. The set itself was pretty cool, but I honestly think the best part of the entire show was the design. On most tours, you’d be sitting in whatever row your tickets were for (or on the grass if you’re like me) and the performing artist would be on stage in front of you. 

But not Yeezy. No, Yeezy has to do everything in style, and his Saint Pablo tour didn’t disappoint. Instead of having the stage in front of you, he was suspended in the air, performing above where the stage would have been. Concert goers flooded to the center and stood right underneath the stage in a sort of mosh pit for rap music. 

The only thing I didn’t think was that great was the fact that it was super smoky in almost every location, and the lighting didn’t make for great pictures. 

Now that we’re thinking about going on tour again in the next few weeks, we’re trying to figure out who to go see. Jude suggested Taylor Swift because at least there will be tons of girls there, but I kinda think that Billie Eilish would be better for this. Her music is fire, and it should be more our style than the obsessive Swifties. 

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