Evacuating from the California Wildfires

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled MWPHGLAZ adventures to instead focus this week’s post on Jude, who recently had to evacuate his home, leaving all of his belongings behind him due to the California wildfires. 

As most of our readers know, most of our group is based in Arizona, but Jude also calls Mendocino County home, as his father does the vast majority of his business dealings in CA. 

We got the news that Jude was evacuating when an Orange County car accident lawyer he was supposed to deliver some important legal documents to called to find out why these papers hasn’t been delivered on time. We recently opened up our own gig service so we have a little more control over when we work, and Jude typically handles our California jobs. 

When we first got the call, we really just assumed that he overslept after a night of heavy partying, as we’ve all done in the past. But as the day went on, and our many calls remained unanswered, we became more and more concerned at what might be going on. 

Finally, the guys and I thought it was time to reach out to Jude’s dad to seeing he would be able to get ahold of him, and that’s when we learned Jude had been ordered to evacuate. Thankfully, he was able to take the most important things he needed and make it to safety before being put in any serious danger, and he hadn’t been returning our calls because the airport didn’t have the cell service it should have in 2019.

As we write this, Jude should be on his way back to AZ and the guys and I are trying to decide how to take his mind off of things. Normally, we’d jet off to some party or head to the club, but given the nature of his trip back to Arizona, we’re kind of torn. Our friend Jimmy thinks we should just stay in after we pick Jude up from the airport, play some poker, and drink a lot of whiskey, so maybe we’ll do that.

Though we don’t have an exciting adventure to share with you this week, we ask our dedicated readers to keep Jude, his family, and all the other people who have had to evacuate due to the Burris fire in your thoughts, and if possible, make a donation to the Sonoma County Resilience Fund, which provides various services to those impacted by the wildfire, including short-term housing, mental health counseling, and food, among other things.

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