We’re All Wolverines at Heart

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This weekend was truly one for the books: Jensen was sent to deliver some paperwork to an Ann Arbor personal injury lawyer and right afterwards, he texted the group chat to let us know his dad had grabbed us all tickets to the University of Michigan football game against the Army. This was a huge deal because we’re all really into college football, like most people. But Jensen’s dad is also a former Wolverine, which makes us all Wolverines at heart, given the fact that Jensen’s dad is like a second father to all of us.

We hopped on a plane and headed to Ann Arbor so we could check in to our hotel the night before. We got a suite at the Sonesta and went out to the bar. Thankfully, U of M is a party school, so we met a lot of cute girls at one of the local bars, had a few drinks, and were just overall super excited for the game the next day. Ann Arbor itself is pretty quiet otherwise, so there really wasn’t anything thrilling on our itinerary for the weekend. 

But then came game day! I’ve honestly never seen such a close game in person before! We got to the stadium, grabbed a couple of hot dogs and beers before we got to our seats. Jensen’s dad got us seats right behind the Wolverines, so we got pretty close to the field.

The game started off great, both teams scored a touchdown in the first quarter. The guys and I were on the edge of our seats throughout the second quarter when the Army scored another touchdown and the Wolverines were stuck at 7, but the Wolverines came back in the third quarter with a second touchdown that tied the game. In the fourth quarter, our Wolverines scored a 43 yard field goal which won them the game!

After the game, the guys and I got to meet some of the most well-known Wolverines, Shea Patterson, Zach Charbonnet, and Ronnie Bell. Zach Charbonnet is almost definitely going to be drafted as the No. 3 or No. 4 running back with the NFL; I’m calling it now. 

This was definitely one of the most memorable experiences the guys and I have ever had together, and after all of the drama with the wildfire evacuation, it was nice to be able to hang out and enjoy life again.


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